Recipe - Celeriac and Cavolo Cabonara

Quick, easy, tasty, need I say more... 

Cavolo nero is a kale with lower oxalates so good for those on a low oxalate diet. This is also Low lectin if you use sheeps cheese ( pecorino or manchego)


Serves 2

·       6 rashes quality streaky bacon

·       8-10 leaves of Cavolo nero (more if you like…)

·       4 medium free range eggs

·       Juice ½ lemon

·       40g grated pecorino, manchego or parmesan)

·       ½ a large celeriac, spiralized into noodles

·       salt and black pepper


1. Pre heat the bacon so its crispy and cut into pieces

2. Put celeriac noodles in boiling salted water for around 2 minutes, add cavolo nero after 2 mins – celeriac cooks for 4 mins total

3. In a separated bowl mix eggs, grated cheese and lemon juice and good grind or two of pepper

4. Drain celeriac/ kale when cooked, then put back in empty/warm pan, mix in eggs mixture till warmed through, just a gentle heat – don’t scramble the eggs)

5. Serve and sprinkle chopped bacon on top


Approximate Macros per serving ( approximate 35g Protein, 30g Fat, 6g Carbs)