Kirsty really listened and gave me sensible, realistic and practical advice on diet and supplements that have helped me take control of my health and brought positive improvements.

I'm doing better, much less tired and more positive. I am sleeping 6h - 7h without waking some nights which has not happened in my whole adult life!!.

Anna 35


Energy and weight loss

After attending your Nutrition Basics presentation we dived straight in to a ‘no refined carbs’ diet.

We have removed pasta, bread, and potato from our diet and tried to replace it with all the good stuff. We’re about 9 days in and so far the results have been pretty impressive.

The first 2-3 days were really difficult. I felt very poorly, was hot/sweating, tired, and felt nauseous. However we stuck at it and so far this week I’ve felt great – much more energy, nowhere near as hungry, and none of the post-meal crashes that I used to suffer from. We’ve both lost weight already – my wifes trousers she bought 2 weeks ago are already far too big for her!

We will definitely be bookmarking your website – I fancy giving the blueberry muffin and breakfast quiche recipes a try! 

Brian 35


Digestion and bloating

Kirsty is knowledgeable and passionate about the health benefits of good nutrition. She has a genuine interest in her clients and a real desire to help and is thoughtful and sensitive in her approach.

Kirsty’s advice has made a real difference to how I feel on a day-to-day basis.

 I am no longer embarrassed by loud stomach gurgling’s in meetings. I now pay much more attention to the food I eat, and feel far healthier for it.

 Clare 38


Low energy/ blood sugar crashes

Kirsty gave information that was clear, concise and most importantly for me - easy to understand! It was delivered very professionally in a relaxed atmosphere which put me at my ease.

In terms of how I feel, in a word better! Through a few simple changes, I have loads more energy and no longer need afternoon naps.

The information given meant it was easy for me to adapt what I eat, I enjoy the diet and really notice the results.

 Dani 46


I thought I’d been eating healthily all my life, but Kirsty showed me how wrong some of the standard nutritional guidance can be and put me right to improve my alertness, energy levels, and ability to exercise.

 I’d always thought I ate healthily, following the messages we see in the media and from government– low fat, whole grain, with plenty of brown bread. But still, as a fairly active 40 year, I struggled to stay awake after lunch, and would feel my blood sugar crashing when doing exercise. I didn’t value nutrients much, thinking there must be enough in food naturally. And I was a big snacker…

How wrong I was. With some simple changes Kirsty has made me more alert through the whole day, I don’t crave snacks as much and I know I’m getting the right nutrients.

When I exercise, I don’t have blood sugar dips or go dizzy and need to reach for a Mars Bar… I feel I’ve got natural stores of energy. And for previous endurance events I’ve done, it was 50:50 chance of getting ill when training but not this year, I’ve trained for a 5km swim, and did my first half marathon ( the Great North Run) and not had a sniffle.

 George  44