What I Offer

How it works

If, as I was initially, you are new to the world of nutrition consultations, this is how it works:

Consultations can be a one-off or part of a programme for more complex cases. Follow up consultations may be required depending on the severity of the symptoms.

There are then likely to be costs for

·       Supplements, you may want to allow £20-£40 a month

·       For more complex cases, diagnostic tests, which you pay for yourself may be recommended (these can range from £50-£200).

So nutritionists receive the consultation payment for the 'face to face' time you see them, however they also do work behind the scenes in researching your case, analysing test results and  writing up your plans to get you a protocol that is right for you. Costs for supplements and any tests is investment in yourself and your health.

In the UK, with our fantastic NHS, it is hard to get your head around paying for your health. However the NHS has to focus its resources on acute medical diseases rather than long term chronic illness. I find it helpful to compare investment in your health to how much you spend on a standard night out or a new item of clothing. Good nutrition to get your health back on track is not ‘free’ but it is usually a reasonable, short-term cost, that allows you then to live your life longer and to the full.  


Why I am different

Being both a client using nutritional therapy for my recovery and studying under Marek Doyle I have experience in reviewing organic acids tests which provide a wide ranging screen of your metabolism. This can then indicate which tools are useful for recovery such as low lectin, low oxalate and ketogenic diets along with biotoxin removal and upregulating methylation. I have the unique experience of undertaking the protocols myself and guiding others through them.

I am currently practicing 1 day a week, so there  may be waiting times involved. 


My fees

·        I offer a free no-obligation 15 minute phone call. Please just email me or fill in the contact form and I will be in touch to arrange

·       An initial consultation  is £90 . This includes a 45 min consultation will identify goals that you want to work towards, after which I will  provide a bespoke written nutrition  plan. You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and a 2 day food diary and submit one week in advance of your appointment.

·       A standard follow-up consultation, usually consists of  30 minutes  facetime, plus 30 minutes write up/ any individual research time  and costs £60. If time varies, the charge will be adjusted accordingly on a pro-rata basis to my hourly rate of £60 an hour.

·       Email support is available between appointments. based on a pro-rate charge of my hourly fee, rounded to the nearest 5 minutes.

Consultations can be done face to face in Newcastle upon Tyne or via Zoom


Nutrition / wellbeing presentations 

I can also provide seminars on nutrition for your wellbeing work place groups or corporate events. These can range from 20-30 mins on general or specific topics. Prices available on request. Presentations  I can offer  include, Nutrition basics, menopause, Hormones, Mood and can be in person around Newcastle or remote via Zoom.