Turkey, apple, fennel and lime patties

Makes 4 patties- Easy to double up recipe if needed.

 -  Each patty = 91 kcal, 13g Protein, 8g Carbs , 1g fat
 -  Keto or watching your carbs? just do with no apple… 81 kcal, 13g Protein, 6g Carbs , 1g fat


 ·     140g of turkey mince

 ·     40 g shallots –( around 3 small)

 ·     60g Fennel bulb ( around ½ bulb)

 ·     75g Granny smith ( around ½ an apple)

 ·     1tsp fennel seeds

 ·     ½ cream of tartar powder ( helps bind)

 ·     ½ lime juiced

 ·     salt and pepper



 Loosely chop apple, fennel, and apple, and  blitz  in a blender till chunc




 Add to mince, and remaining ingredients.         Massage together


 Form into palm size patties – you may need to  wring out the moisture a little by squeezing         between palms and discarding the juices. There     will be less squeezing if you omit the apple.


 Pan fry in olive oil - add to evening meal or           lunches. Served here with roast celeriac chips,       sauerkraut, green salad of rocket, cavolo nero &   courgette. Drizzle with olive oil/ lime and lemon   juice vinagrette.