Is Mould/ Mold stopping you healing?

Mould ( in the UK) or Mold ( USA)  is a categorized by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a class 1 industrial hazard, which is the same category as Asbestos

The tiny spores can pass through the blood brain barrier cause metabolic chaos. Symptoms include – fatigue, brain fog and headaches. Increased sensitivity/ allergies

An estimated 25% of western populations have a mutation in he HLA gene that means they can’t eliminate mould

There are various lab tests that cost £250-£700 to determine mycotoxins.

However the Visual Contrast Sensitivity test ( VCS)  is a an affordable proxy, for biotoxin accumulation. This is because biotoxins accumulate in the optic nerve and impair visual contrast ( black/ grey on white)

The VCS has low false positives ( around 98%) , high false negatives (around 10%)

Biotoxin removal gave me a massive step change in my ME/ CFS recovery

Below are my VCS test results.  Initially in 2017 where you can see my results ( red line) are considerable below the healthy populations response ( grey line).  I was exposed to mould as a child and remember it growing on the walls.

After following a fat cycling ketogenic protocol, to mobilise the toxins stored in the fat cells, we then used natural binders to pull the biotoxins out and allow elimination form my body.

In 2018, though still not a perfect trace, I felt substantially better with massive shift in my brain fog and general resilience to life

It took until 2019 to get full clearance, where now brain fog is happily a thing of the past

The VCS test is a great screen for biotoxin mould/ mould accumulation. If you are interested in testing them please contact me.

Mould 3cjpgMould 4cjpgMould 5cjpg