Recipe - Mini breakfast quiche

This is one of my current favourites.

Batch make and put what you don’t need in freezer to grab and go on busier days. Great balance of protein, natural fats and veg! Approximate macros per mini quiche - Protein 10g, Fat 9g, Carbs 1g.

If using a non silicon muffin pan, I find using baking paper is easier ( scrunch baking paper squares into muffin holes) other wise the egg sticks to everything ( teflon/ standard paper muffin cases etc)

Into the bottom of muffin cases

• Grease tray lightly with odourless coconut oil or light olive oil
• if using baking paper scrunch into holes and the add
• 1 ¼ cups chopped broccoli (114 g/ 4 oz)
• 2 tbsp freshly chopped parsley
• 1/2 pack streaky smoked bacon or smoked lardons fried first till crispy and chopped into small pieces

Then Mix / whisk together and pour on top

• 6 large eggs
• ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese (45 g/ 1.6 oz) – Or for those dairy intolerant many find sheeps cheese is more easily digested so 20-30g manchego or pecorino, and maybe just10g of parmesan
• ½ tsp salt (I like pink Himalayan)
• ¼ tsp black pepper
• ½ cup heavy whipping cream (120 ml/ 4 fl oz) – or for dairy intolerant I use Graces premium coconut milk

put in oven  at 180oC for 15-20 mins. Jobs a good un